Sep. 20, 2018

Khiladi 420 Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

Khiladi 420 Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4 >>> DOWNLOAD

Dev, a conman, gets killed by his wife Ritu, after she learns that the former is a debt-ridden thug who married her only to repay his debts. Her life turns upside down when she meets Anand, Dev's iden

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original title: Khiladi 420

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

imdb: 5

duration: 2h 37min

tags: Love is like nothing else

keywords: murder, twinbrother, beatentodeath, uxoricide, womankillsaman, fallingfromheight, psychopath, chandelier, bloodonface, womaninjeopardy, sword, suicidenote, faceslap, jumpingfromheight, jumpingfromanai















































After owing debts in million to local gangsters, Dev Kumar Malhotra connotes a mysterious scheme that involves robbing wealthy Shyam Prasad Bharadwaj of his patrimony, murders him in an enclosed cabin and then marries Bharadwaj's daughter, Ritu to make his plan a success. But on the couple nuptial night, Dev gets murder by his wife and then Anand, Dev's look-alike appears creating chaos in everyone's mind and a path to his own graveyard. Shyam Prasad Bhardwaj is a rich businessman whose business is spread worldwide.His daughter Ritu is of marriageable age.He hires Dev to work in his office and his happy with and wants to marry Ritu.After their engagement Shyam Prasad finds that Dev is a conman eyeing his property as he is in debt with a gangster.Dev to hide is secret kills Shyam Prasad which is witnessed by his daughter Riya who goes into shock as Dev is always around her.Dev plans to kill Ria as well as Ritu.But on their wedding night Ritu finds the truth and kills Dev she runs away to her grandmother's house.Where her grandmother tells her that Dev is in hospital after the minor accident.Ritu rushes to the hospital and finds Dev without any scratches.Dev acts as if nothing as happened which gives Ritu more tension that's when he tells her the truth that he is Anand twin brother of Dev. This was the last KHILADI film The first was superhit KHILADI(1992), then SABSE BADA KHILADI(1996) and KHILADIYON KA KHILADI(1996) which worked and then disasters like MRS AND MRS KHILADI(1997) and INTERNATIONAL KHILADI(1999) followed

This film is a supposedly action based thriller on the shades of BAAZIGAR, DON but sadly comes across as a poor film

The film starts off badly with an out of shape Mahima running around playing with a kid and her prank with newcomer Sudanshu Pandey falls flat but as soon as Akki enters the frame things improve and the film keeps you on the edge till Alok Nath is murdered The entire Akshay- Mahima confrontation at the interval which leads to a murky twist is badly handled Also the second half follows the typical Hindi formula where romance and comedy dominates and the villains just pop in and out The court scenes are a put off and amateurish also the ending is too sudden

Direction by Neeraj Vohra is okay in parts only but has a long way to go Music is good

Akshay does well in a negative role after AFLATOON(where he played a dual role too) but tends to overdo it too often In the other role he is good but nothing great because he did it before Mahima shreiks and annoys with her voice and overactive acting Sudhanshu Pandey is adequate in a small role Mukesh Rishi is as usual Gulshan Grover, Sayaji Shinde pop in for one scene and then are forgotten Alok Nath is okay Antra Mali is decent This movie was brilliant and entertaining but it's really good to be able and enjoyable I love the songs I love the movie so entertaining but I am always happy with it because it was enjoyable to play and I enjoyed watching it too many movie stars because it is really interesting but it's entertaining to me to listen and movie songs on songs that make you listen it to the music you listen too and it's entertaining as you are the only character I ever had before you ever saw a character and I enjoyed the film as a long movie and enjoyable film as a brilliant film as a long movie and enjoyable film of all akshay Kumar did well in his double role playing positive and negative characters mukesh Rishi is superb other were good Overalll 4 star


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